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troublemag | March 31, 2020

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Gallery Central, Northern Metropolitan TAFE

26 March to 17 April
Floor talk at 1pm Saturday 4 April

Combining DIY construction, audience participation and the artist’s own house, OVERHOUSE examines the home as a site for sculpture

The sculptural potential of everyday domestic objects and a sense of playfulness and shared experience underpin the artistic practice of Perth based Mark Parfitt.

Over the last decade he has set himself, or others, a series of ‘tasks’. This exhibition retells in image and object the transformation of the roof of his Carlisle house as a platform for sculptural action and interaction.

In 2019, Mark invited a group of participants to his home to climb over his roof. Participants accessed the roof via a secured ladder, before scaling its peak and climbing down the other side – a challenging if not impractical passage from front yard to back yard. The roof, normally a shelter, became a piece of play equipment; a vantage point to see the suburb and a place to gather.

The roof climb was followed by a barbecue and conversation, which the artist considers equally as important components of the work. The shared experience, and the notion of sharing more generally are key components of Overhouse.

A truly site-specific work, the Overhouse action is refashioned into an exhibition. The roof, re-purposed for climbing, sliding, scaling and gripping is presented in sculptural form along with ladders, grips and documentation.

Hours: Monday-Friday 10-4.45, Saturday 12-4, closed public holidays