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troublemag | December 15, 2018

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Manningham Art Gallery

28 November – 15 December 2018

Celebrating the creative talent that abounds in the municipality, this annual exhibition by students and tutors of the Manningham Art Studios challenges participants to respond to a theme or concept, either as individual artists fleshing out unique visions, or within class groups, collectively exploring the diverse ways people think about and visualise an idea.

This year’s exhibition is all about that unique feeling of being inspired.

Great art should indeed inspire, yet we often can’t pinpoint what it is precisely about an artwork or an artist’s oeuvre that inspires us. That knowledge only comes from its close inspection, scrutiny of style, form, composition, content and colour. And so Inspired asks participants to do just that, to examine a single work or series, even one quality about an artist’s work ever so closely and to then respond with their own masterpiece – a product of inspiration, but one that may well itself inspire.