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troublemag | July 6, 2022

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All Day Adalita

All Day Adalita


A Social Work interview


Adalita’s All Day Venus proclaims the triumphant return of rock chic from a rock chick. The first official single from the album, ‘Warm Like You’, is detuned guitar nirvana (see what I did there). Adalita has said of the album: “I think it’s about growing up …” We took that as a cue. Time to do some Social Work.


Which member of your family influenced you the most?

I would say my mum. She’s a pretty strong woman. But my sister is pretty damn cool too. We had a lot of fun hanging out as kids.


How similar are your political beliefs to those of your family?

Pretty much the same. All lefties.


Do you have a favourite family story?

Wild blackberry picking and catching taddies in summer at our local river in Geelong when I was a child.


What do you hope for?

An end to animals being used for experimentation. An end to factory farming. An end to abuse of animals.


What do you think is your main purpose in life?

To be true to myself. Make art. Be true to the art.



Do you think things happen for a reason?

I think you can think that. Life is what you make it.


What beliefs do you have that you think will never change?

To be kind. To always try to do the right thing. To speak up. Say your truth.


Do you believe in the supernatural?

I believe in mystery.


Is any religious text important to you?

I don’t read any formal religious text but I feel an affinity with buddhism.


Have you ever come close to dying?



What do you like the best about your body?

I like my eyebrows. Always have.


What do you think would be the best thing about being the opposite gender?

Feeling the masculine drive.


Is there anything you find irresistible?

It’s gotta be any sort of baby animal. I’ve never seen one in real life but I reckon a baby sloth would be pretty amazing to hold.


What is stopping you?

Only ever myself.



All Day Venus is out now. Get it on iTunes Adalita is touring Australia throughout July. See tour dates Or listen to ‘Warm Like You’ on Soundcloud Artist site –

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