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troublemag | October 26, 2021

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trouble is grass roots arts publishing at its best. trouble is made by artists for artists, and is dedicated to reflecting the best of the contemporary Australian art scene and the creatives who make it. At you will find the latest news, articles, interviews, videos, comics and current exhibition listings. Our iOS app is available at - With the 24/7 convenience of digital media, trouble is available in a monthly magazine format with a media mix that includes YouTube, Vimeo, Issuu, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Subscribe to our fortnightly arts industry e-news for latest articles, giveaways and deals.

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凯蒂.诺南 – 爱是一部马戏 (KATIE NOONAN – Love is a Circus)

February 20, 2013 |


by Steve Proposch 斯蒂夫-庞柔珀兹

早在1998年, 一个从布里斯班来的小小的独立流行乐队发行了他们的第一张同名专辑‘乔治’。乐队由凯蒂-诺南 (Katie Noonan)主唱兼弹电子琴, 凯蒂的哥哥泰隆(Tyrone)和声,弹奏吉他和电子琴, 杰夫-格林(Geoff Green)为鼓手, 尼克-·斯图尔特(Nick Stewart)为吉他手,低音由杰夫-胡顿(Geoff Hooton) 弹奏。2000年胡顿离开乐队后由布罗-姆利(Paulie Bromley)取代, 此后乐队在接下来的几年之间继续创建实力型专辑, 最终在2002年发行了他们的白金唱片 Polyserena。


虽然‘乔治’成员仍然实际上保留在一起作为一个团体, 但从2004年12月他们在布里斯班的最后一次演奏后, 乐队成员已经逐步脱离乐队,忙于他们自己的个人项目。 凯蒂可以说一直是这段时间里最忙的一个 ,生机勃勃地涉足于爵士乐,流行音乐和古典音乐中并获得广泛的赞誉, 她把一个世界上最纯净又多才多艺的歌声带到其崭新而又卓越的高度。


巅峰之一是一部神奇而美丽的歌集, 基于早期澳大利亚女性先驱的书信, 由凯蒂在2012年设计并作曲。歌集成了与现代马戏团 Circa 合作的基础, 在其帮助下融合成一个了不起的剧场剧片, 称为 ‘马戏团爱曲’, 剧片收到如潮好评, 在阿德莱德的卡巴莱节(Cabaret Festival)和墨尔本的 Spiegeltent … Read More

Richard Bell : Social Work

February 1, 2013 |

What was your favourite book as a child?

RB: My Friend Flicka.


Which member of your family influenced you the most?

RB: Mum.


How similar are your political beliefs to those of your family?

RB: Very.


If … Read More