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troublemag | September 18, 2021

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Deep Trouble # 1: Georgia Banks

Deep Trouble # 1: Georgia Banks

with Dr Mark Halloran

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In this first episode of Deep Trouble we introduce the series and interview performance artist Georgia Banks regarding her work Please Tell Me What My Work is About, wherein the artist is asking members of the public to tell her what her work is about – but only if they meet the criteria. Participants must identify as straight, white, and male. Women, the queer community, and people of colour are not invited to take part.

This work is inspired by Lee Lozano’s Decide to Boycott Women, wherein the artist ceased communication with all women – from friends and peers to waitresses – which she ended up maintaining for the remainder of her life. Here, Banks has expanded the parameters of Lozano’s work in order to represent an entire scope of exclusion; women are not the only ones being left out.

Please Tell Me What My Work is About is part of Melbourne Fringe Festival. Appointments 12–22 September 2018, Testing Grounds 1-23 City Rd Southbank (VIC). Online participation is also available –
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