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troublemag | February 20, 2018

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Listing State ACT

ANCA Gallery

1 Rosevear Place Dickson, ACT 2602

7-25 February
Phil Page and Katie Hayne

The exhibition of works by Phil Page and Katie Hayne investigates the instability caused by the changes in Canberra’s urban landscape in the past as well a today. Some works show the layers of change concurrently, others focus almost lyrically on what has gone or remains and others incorporate what might have been.

28 February – 18 March
Rose Montebello, Heide Lefebvre, Elly Kent, Ali Jane Smith, Karen Golland, Helen Bath. Curated by Patsy Payne.

“Any sense of History linking past and future has been marginalised, if not eliminated. And so people are suffering a sense of Historic loneliness.” (John Berger, Confabulations, 2014)

In today’s contest of alternative facts, a world of information intended to distract us from what is “true, essential and urgent”, the catalyst for the Slideshow exhibition is collection of visual signs – vintage travel slides – that refer to meaning just beyond our experience. As six artists respond to these images separated from their original history, they confabulate new meanings, modifying and adjusting the images through creative and intellectual responses.