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troublemag | October 19, 2018

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Listing State ACT

ANCA Gallery

1 Rosevear Place Dickson, ACT 2602

Interspatial: Nyx Mathews
10 October – 21 October 2018

Exhibition Opens 6pm Wed 10 October 2018

Through speculative, materially ambiguous, often slightly unsteady objects, 2017 ANCA EASS Award recipient Nyx Mathews examines the interaction of anthropogenic environments and human beings.

Including new work and pieces from 2017, Interspatial questions the material, atmospheric and experiential qualities of the artificial landscapes and interior spaces in which we are inevitably immersed, and investigates the tensions inherent in our bodily disruptions of them.

Mood Shifts: Debra Jurss
24 October – 11 November

Exhibition Opens 6pm Wed 24 October 2018

An exhibition of glass, prints and photographs that explore the flow and movement of our emotions and strong, positive impact that the landscape has. Whether that impact be restorative, inspiring, overwhelming, calming, soothing or healing.

Walking Entanglements: Antonia Aitken
14 November – 2 December

Exhibition Opens 6pm Wed 14 November 2018

Walking enables the body to move in a rhythmic synchronicity of thought, breath and step, activating a mode of being in and moving through place with a slowed-down and heightened sensory awareness. Walking Entanglements is an arrangement of works that explore walking, drawing and printmaking as embodied practices for nurturing dialogue with place.

At the Edge of Matter: Christine Appleby, Riley Beaumont, Mahala Hill, Merryn Lloyd, Lucy Quinn. Curated by Phoebe Hamra and Karena Keys
5 December – 16 December

Exhibition Opens 6pm Wed 5 December 2018

At the Edge of Matter explores the tension between an artist’s process and the dynamic, physical possibilities of the matter they manipulate.