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troublemag | March 1, 2024

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Uncle Rick Nelson

April 7, 2020 |

Deep Trouble PODCAST

with Dr Mark Halloran

Uncle Rick Nelson is a Jaara Jaara Elder whose homeland is the land of Dja Dja Wurrung people. Uncle Rick’s father is Uncle Brien Nelson, who is a significant figure in the Dja … Read More

Deep Trouble #9: Prof. Bain Attwood

November 6, 2018 |

with Dr Mark Halloran     Or listen on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher

Professor Bain Attwood has published extensively on the history of colonialism and indigenous history. His latest book, The Good Country (Monash University Publishing): “eschews the generalisations … Read More

Greetings From Beyond the Pale: The Tanami Track

April 1, 2015 |

Ben Laycock


Time to bid a fond farewell to Nyiripi and continue my lonely quest. The Kimberley beckons with the allure of the exotic and the unknown. The bitumen road from Alice Springs to Kununarra is a giant dog-leg … Read More

Greetings from Beyond the Pale: A Death in the Family

February 3, 2015 |

Ben Laycock


I am still at Nyiripi, way out in the Western Desert. Paul and Clair are the ‘gudia’ (whitefellas) that run the place. The Walpiri reckon gudia are like Toyotas. They go really well to start with, but … Read More

Greetings from Beyond the Pale: Hunting & Gathering

December 2, 2014 |

Ben Laycock


No sooner have we arrived than l am invited on a genuine, authentic, real, live, traditional hunting expedition with real, live, genuine, traditional blackfellas. I felt like all my Christmases had come at once.

We all pile … Read More

Pitcha Makin Fellaz: a multi-voiced monologue

May 23, 2014 |


The pitcha makin fellaz are a deadly mob of handsome, easy going, passionate young men who paint and write together on a regular basis in Ballarat. Formed in 2013, artists in the group are William Blackall, Ted Laxton, Peter-Shane … Read More

Uz vs Them

November 1, 2013 |

by Richard Bell


The Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival (CLIFF) (21–24 Nov) is off to a strong start, playing host to three of artist Richard Bell’s recent works for it’s inaugural run at Theatre Royal. CLIFF is showing … Read More