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troublemag | June 25, 2024

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Art Gallery of Western Australia

Pulse Perspectives
Until 5 October 2020

WA’s talented young artists are celebrated in this yearly showcase, gauging the pulse of young people who will influence, empower and shape the world we live in. Vote for your favourite work in the Act-Belong-Commit People’s Choice Award. Vote for the work that made you feel, explode with emotion, or marvel at the world. It’s your vote make it count!

Until 17 August 2020

Buildings are urban monoliths. Cultural institutions are perceived to be even more so. Tom Mùller’s WA Now exhibition delves into what this perceived monolith sounds like, feels like, breathes like. MONOLITH SCORES forms part of the WA Now series dedicated to showcasing work by WA artists.

Tom Malone Prize
Until 31 August 2020

A highly respected national event within the Australian glass arts community which has played an integral role in the Gallery’s acquisition of works by Australia’s most inspiring, innovative and accomplished artists working in this art form. This year’s 15 shortlisted works demonstrate how our nation’s glass artists continue to invent and reinvent, to challenge themselves technically, and to find new frameworks to distil human experience in accessible and enlivening ways. The winner of the 2020 Tom Malone Prize is Mel Douglas for her work Tonal Value 2019.

Screen Space – Stuart Ringholt
Until 27 July 2020

Stuart Ringholt creates performance-based, process-oriented and audience participation-reliant works which deal with experience of fear and embarrassment devised in amateur self-help environments. His work AUM is accompanied by posters from his Anger Workshops performances. Part introspective meditation, part catharsis, AUM focuses on the practice of Aum meditation process between a couple who are working through emotions of love and anger.