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troublemag | July 7, 2022

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Dito Von Tease: Ditology

Dito Von Tease: Ditology DITOObama © DITOBarbie © DITOAvatar ©

“I started the Ditology project in 2009, when I created my Facebook account. I wanted this to become a virtual space free from my relatives, colleagues and not-very-friends, so I created an avatar.

“In Italian someone could say I wanted to ‘hide myself behind my finger’ (nascondermi dietro un dito); it’s a popular metaphor to indicate a not-very-effective hiding place. I choose the nickname Dito Von Tease, inspired by Dita Von Teese, the icon of burlesque style and expert in disguises. I’m known as Dito, that’s Italian for ‘finger’.”

DITOBarbie ©

DITOSheldon ©


“In the ‘digital age’, our fingers are the tools we use to keep in touch with the world through touch-screens, mouse pads and keyboards. In a sense, we are all ‘hiding behind a finger’ while surfing the internet, and this mediation often makes us feel free to express our ideas, opinions or sensations. … Even in real life we hide ourselves behind an image, a mask we create to protect the uniqueness of our fingerprint. This is true especially for celebrities, who live in their masks. For this reason I disguise my fingers as famous characters taken from the news, historical events, arts, politics, and so on.”

DITOAvatar ©

DITOObama ©


From 2011 to 2015, the project Ditology has obtained: more than 1 million unique user to the Ditology blog, more than 50 reviews in newspapers, journals, TV and radio, more than 1000 reviews on blogs, websites and online newspapers. New of the project has been spread in more than 150 countries. The art finger-prints can be bought in London and Paris.

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