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troublemag | June 15, 2021

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Joy Ivill: It’s Over, We’re Cactus

After a decades-long on-and-off relationship, Billy Bumps and Joy Ivill became engaged whilst holidaying in Cairns. When they were there, he bought her the thirty-carat, fake diamond ring that had been used as a ‘prop’ in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. After Cairns they headed to Melbourne to attend Ben Bumps’ graduation and to buy the fabric for Ivill’s wedding dress. The wedding date had been set, the reception planned and the invitations sent out. Joy’s divorce, however, had not yet come through. Further, they had booked into the then un-renovated Hotel Windsor as a treat and to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. HOWEVER, they did not arrive there together. Joy called off the wedding after a row and went to the Hotel Windsor alone. Upon arrival she ate all the mini-bar chocolate, drank the champagne, then rang all her girlfriends for advice and comfort. She remained there alone for two nights.

We’re Cactus is an installation that chronicles the demise of the relationship with Billy, together with a series featuring the Illegal Casinos and night clubs of Sydney during the 60s and 70s.

Joy Ivill: It’s Over, we’re cactus, MContemporary, 37 Ocean Street Woollahra (NSW), 6-28 August 2016 –