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troublemag | July 19, 2024

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Newstead & District Artists Open Studios

Newstead & District Artists Open Studios

Kristin Scherlies

In a small town not too far away eleven artists got together at The Railway Hotel in Newstead and decided that the public should be invited to their studios to see what they have been up to. So during the Castlemaine State Festival eight studios will open their doors providing access to a divine selection of passionately created artworks on the weekends of 18th & 19th and 25th & 26th March 2017.

The artists are looking forward to sharing stories of their artistic journeys. They want to inspire visitors with their endeavours and hope guests appreciate the uniqueness of their artwork and support their efforts with a purchase that has an intriguing story attached.

Chris Johnston’s medium is clay; sculptural and functional, which reflects her connection to place and the land. Roger McKindley’s Antares Iron Art Garden is where broken and discarded objects morph together to live once again. Brass and copper are manipulated by Trefor Prest to create intricate, organic and mechanical oddities – with a touch of Steampunk. Delicate wheel thrown porcelain pottery is gently created by Sarah Koschak. Her functional pieces are simply elegant. Sally Roadnight explores the landscape through the artistry of various found objects and media including drawing, sewing, printing, sculpture and basketry. Printmaker Richard Sullivan is influenced by his environment which is reflected in the artist books, collage and altered books he creates. Prue McAdam’s special love of abstraction and gestural marks is explored in her paintings. Prue paints using a variety of media. Striving for the highest quality of woodwork of which his hands and mind are capable, Lachlan Park makes ‘things’ from wood. Krissy Scherlies is currently allowing her imagination to take control as she paints colourful, contemporary canvases using paint and sand. Julie Patey utilizes printmaking and mixed media to explore the process of art making through the use of colour, shape and texture to echo her connection to the landscape of central Victoria. Stunning nature photographs of the bush reserve surrounding the Old Walmer School are captured by photographer Bronwyn Silver. This is only a glimpse of what will be waiting for you.

Trefor PREST, sculpture.


Bronwyn SILVER, ‘Moss and Lichen, Walmer Nature Reserve’, photograph.


Julie PATEY, mixed media.


Chris JOHNSTON, Tree Jewels, potter.


Kristin SCHERLIES, ‘Pink’, acrylic and sand, painter.


Roger MCKINDLEY, Entrance Design, sculptor.


Lachlan PARK, ‘Sidetable’, wood sculptor.


Sarah KOSCHAK, ‘Teal Green Bowl’, ceramicist.


Prue MCADAM & Richard SULLIVAN studio.


The story does not end here; take the short drive to Newstead to visit these gifted and enthusiastic artists in their studios, share their journeys and become a part of the story.

For more information please visit

A studio guide/map will be available from Dig Cafe and Red Door Gallery in the heart of Newstead, or find us on Facebook and Instagram.