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troublemag | September 18, 2021

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Trouble met Mandy Ord at a comic con called Supanova in 2008, when the popular culture convention was expanding into Melbourne for the first time. We were immediately attracted to her inky alternative narratives, thick with anti-heroes, social anxieties, and the kind of humour that is played out in small moments between people.

These days, Mandy is, like, super famous :0 She is scratching out her living as a full-time a comics artist, illustrator and printmaker, and part-time teacher of comics, greengrocer, and disability support worker. And it’s all been done on her own terms. Mandy has a long history of self-publishing. Her first book, Rooftops, the one she was pushing at that Supanova con in 2008, she published herself through Finlay Lloyd. Since then she has been recognised by Meanjin, The Age, Voiceworks, Going Down Swinging, and others. Allen & Unwin has published Sensitive Creatures in 2011 and Chalk Boy, written by Margaret Wild, in 2018. Most recently the acclaimed Brow Books released When One Person Dies The Whole World is Over

Mandy has presented lectures and workshops across Australia and internationally. She has collaborated with theatre companies, writers, musicians, historians, local Wiradjuri language experts and audio units for animations and online content. 

Many Ord’s new book When One Person Dies The Whole World is Over is available now through Brow Books –

Artist site –