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troublemag | April 13, 2024

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Conversing in Tongues

October 1, 2017 |

Robert Ruckus  

I hate silence. Or maybe it’s just that I am afraid of it …

There is much to be said about language; at times reflecting passion or grief with precision, and at others a spasmodic sprawl of … Read More

Black Mist Burnt Country

October 5, 2016 |

A Burrinja national touring exhibition project that commemorates the 60th anniversary of the British atomic test series at Maralinga, SH Ervin Gallery, Watson Road/Millers Point, The Rocks (NSW), 24 September – 30 October 2016.          

IMAGES … Read More

Luminous: Australian watercolours 1900 – 2000

July 2, 2016 |

REVIEW by Mark Dober  

Visitors to the NGV exhibition Luminous: Australian watercolours 1900 – 2000 have been witnessed lingering for extended periods over the works, revealing considerable viewer interest with the theme of the show. That theme, “versatility of … Read More

Mermaids in Folklore & Australian Indigenous Culture

March 3, 2014 |


by Vanessa Witschi  

Mermaids are present in the folklore of many cultures around the world. They can be found in Native American culture, Ancient Greek and Roman cultures, as well as in Asia (particularly China, Japan, Indonesia and … Read More