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troublemag | September 18, 2021

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Danchi Dreams

Danchi Dreams

by Cody Ellingham
“I shot the series at night time, the time of the dreams. I wanted to evoke this with the iconic look of windows illuminated from the inside, only hinting at the existence of people.”







Shibazono Danchi – This photograph was taken on the 12th floor of Shibazono Danchi in Kawaguchi. The marks on the ground are where a playground used to be, now long gone. | Toei Hongo 1-chome Apartment – The hypermodern form of Tokyo Dome theme park contrasts with the harsh concrete hallway of a danchi. | Kawaramachi Danchi – The vast interior courtyard space inside a danchi. | Nakanoshima Tamagawa Danchi – The new concrete communities of danchi replaced the wood and dirt of Old Japan. | Shirahige Danchi – The distinctive aesthetic of massive inner-city danchi in Tokyo’s old district emerged in the same era as 2001: A Space Odyssey, a terrestrial kind of spaceship that embodied a bright vision for the future. | Suwa Danchi – By day these buildings have a certain kind of nostalgia, but by night they take on a different aura, quiet and sombre.

All images by Cody Ellingham.

DANCHI Dreams, at Atelier Takiguchi, Koto-ku, Tokyo (JAPAN), 12–19 May 2018 –