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troublemag | June 25, 2024

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Danchi Dreams

May 2, 2018 |

by Cody Ellingham   “I shot the series at night time, the time of the dreams. I wanted to evoke this with the iconic look of windows illuminated from the inside, only hinting at the existence of people.”     … Read More

Two Singles to Gifu

July 3, 2017 |

JAPAN ART & CULTURE by Creative Cowboy  

The flight into Tokyo’s Narita Airport arrives as the sun is setting, we fly in low over the Japanese coast, small islands off to our left, each with an attendant fluffy cloud … Read More

We can make another future

October 1, 2014 |


We can make another future: Japanese art after 1989, surveys the art of Heisei, the current era in the Japanese imperial calendar, through the presentation of around 100 works by over 40 contemporary Japanese artists, drawn from the Queensland … Read More

Greetings from Hiroshima: Part 5 – Destiny

February 3, 2014 |


by Ben Laycock


After my embarrassing encounter with the Hairy Ainu and my naked midnight moonlit epiphany, I feel I am ready to continue my quest to join the historic annual Hiroshima Day Protest. Being an old-hippy-lefty-ratbag from … Read More

Greetings from Hiroshima (Part Three): Your intrepid Wayfarer Visits The Hairy Ainu

October 3, 2013 |


words and pics


by Ben Laycock


First lesson in my Japanese cultural education is a trip to the Night Garden where all the most exotic plants you can possibly imagine blossom under the light of the moon. … Read More