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troublemag | September 18, 2021

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Dear Dreamboat

A man appeared in my kitchen. We started talking. He was striking, with a well-defined mouth and unruly black hair. We were lured outside by noises of a crowd. Fascinated, I wandered away from the house. On the way back to the house I noticed an impressive structure – a mansion with an open window above one of the balconies. I thought I saw bricks falling from the top of the structure, but this was an illusion. I noticed advertising posters pasted along the section of wall above ground level, and I made a comment about them to my friend. When I turned, he wasn’t there. I remembered I’d left the back door of the house open. With trepidation I returned the house. A guy with a beard rushed out of the house and ran down the side. I went inside and discovered that my laptop was gone, cables and all. So was my friend. Numbly, I stared at the empty power point, then walked outside. I looked at the shadows and said out loud, ‘I hate myself for letting this happen.’ — Rebecca

Dear Rebecca

The house is associated with the human body, thought and life. To dream of a house is to dream about the self.

This is a violation dream. You feel your deepest self has been taken advantage of. It’s possible that you feel betrayed. You also blame yourself for allowing this to happen. The dream recreates the stages of life, with its ups and downs. It may be that you feel you have been led down the path of falsehood and distraction and arrive at a stage in life where you have nothing to show for yourself. You blame yourself but remember that such is life. There is the good and the bad. All are lessons on the path to self discovery. You did what you had to do at a certain point. Now you can replenish yourself. The essential self is never lost, only waylaid. Notice the open window on the top floor of the ornate house. Light and fresh air stream in.

The man who appears in your kitchen, the focal point of alchemical change, is no normal man. He is universal man, the juncture of cosmic forces, alignment and balance. His beautiful mouth can tear you to pieces or it can kiss pain away. He offers a blessing and a curse. It depends on you which you receive. The lustrous hair denotes virility, strength, potency. Transformed he appears wearing a beard, which can denote wisdom and dignity. In either case he is leading you down through various stages of psyche to the open. Although you feel you have been betrayed you are also being presented with the opportunity to grow. It’s up to you which path to take.

Dear Dreamboat

I’m at sea in a rowing boat. I’m fishing and I think I’ve caught a large fish that’s straining at the end of the line. When I manage to haul my catch in I’m surprised by what I’ve caught. It’s a small woman. She’s tiny, pale and not fully formed. I’m not exactly disappointed I caught her but she wasn’t what I was expecting. What does this mean? – Tony

Dear Tony

For many ancient peoples god resided under water. The sea was the rock bed, the mother of creation; therefore to fish is to wait patiently at the shores of consciousness or at the point of origin. From a psychological point of view a fish is the embodiment of its medium, water. A fish represents the unconscious psyche, the invisible, that which is hidden; and, with patience, can be drawn to conscious.

The fish you caught turned out to be a small, deformed woman. You weren’t disappointed but you were surprised. This suggests that you had high hopes that were not met. Woman symbolises the anima, which is the feminine psychological tendency in a man: vague feelings, moods, prophetic hunches, receptiveness to the irrational and so on.

When you combine woman with dwarf you end up with yet another interesting symbol. Traditionally dwarfs are of the fairy realm and represent that which lies beneath the soil. They are of the earth and of the underground. They are of this world and they are not. They can speak harsh truths and draw forth buried treasure, symbolising intuition as well as monstrous shapes. It’s a complicated dream. It can be auspicious as well as inauspicious. At the moment you are standing at a threshold. You can only wait and see what transpires. Despite this, I say that the key words are ‘wait patiently’. You are already at the shores of consciousness. If that which you desire has not yet surfaced, it will in time.

Dmetri Kakmi learned to tell fortunes and interpret dreams by observing his grandmother when he was growing up in Turkey. Nowadays he combines that fledgling knowledge with Jungian, ancient and traditional symbolism.

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