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troublemag | July 6, 2022

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Pitcha Makin Fellaz: a multi-voiced monologue


The pitcha makin fellaz are a deadly mob of handsome, easy going, passionate young men who paint and write together on a regular basis in Ballarat. Formed in 2013, artists in the group are William Blackall, Ted Laxton, Peter-Shane Rotumah, Myles Walsh, Adrian Rigney, Thomas Marks, Joe Lee.


The group first met on Friday 28th June 2013 at a Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative shed in Delacombe, near Ballarat. The group had gathered to talk about different ways to tell the stories they knew about their country and community in a truthful and significant way. They were interested in making books but didn’t know much about it. They said they were interested in art but didn’t feel they had any know-how. One of the Fellaz summed it up when he said that he was keen but couldn’t draw and “didn’t have an artistic bone in his body”. On that day the floor and tables were covered in plastic, paint tins opened and the yarning circle became a painting circle as they began to make a collaborative painting using brushes and stamps. At days end the group was happy, surprised and proud of the painting they’d made. The group decided to meet regularly to talk, write and paint.


In this short film PMF deliver a multi-voiced monologue by way of introduction, and have some fun.


The film was premiered at the Survival International Film Festival (SIFF), 21-23 May 2014


Thanks to PMF, Peter Treloar at BDAC, and Neil Boyack and the team at SIFF.

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