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troublemag | July 19, 2024

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The Dirty Dozen: Skunk Control

The Dirty Dozen: Skunk Control

The glass cabinets in Campbell Arcade will be reactivated as exhibition space this month. In a wry nod to their location and number, the glass cabinets (a.k.a. Platform Arts Space) have been renamed The Dirty Dozen as part of the City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces program. The opening exhibition is by Skunk Control, a group of engineers and scientists known for their inventive approach to communicating science through art and art through science.



The Dirty Dozen display cases are available to creative practitioners from all disciplines through an application process. The City of Melbourne is inviting artists, engineers, architects, designers and professionals with strong creative work to apply to exhibit in the space. There will be five exhibitions a year, each running for approximately eight weeks each.

The City of Melbourne will be taking applications for The Dirty Dozen until 24 July. Application forms will be available on

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